About company

About the Company

Matsko Truck Centre is a leading supplier of brand new and used trucks and semitrailers of European top brands. Due to extensive experience and cooperation with the best manufacturers, we have succeeded in offering a fleet of trucks of DAF, SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES – BENZ, RENAULT, MAN, as well as semitrailers of well-known European brands.

The history of the company started in April 1997 from the launch of production and trading company MOJA, which was operating in the production and wholesales of household detergents and personal care products. With the rapid development of turnover and wide traffic, in December 2000 a decision was taken to create a separate transport unit MОJА-Trans to ensure rapid transportations for PTC MOJA. The dynamic development of the company and increased number of MAZ trucks from two to five led to the launch of the international trading activities.

The next stage of the company Moja development was the decision to transform the enterprise Moja-Trans into the main unit for sale of used vehicles. Learning from foreign experience and cooperation with leading foreign factories were the key to the rapid growth in sales. Already in 2004, the company successfully sold more than 60 units of vehicles and 15 tractor trucks and semitrailers. In addition, the company established its own service and repair centre. Due to the European approach to the transportation management and high levels of sales of used trucks, the company attracted interest from foreign investors. Already in 2008, a dealership agreement was signed with DAF truck manufacturing plant (Netherlands), the Transport Unit of Moja-Trans was renamed into E van Wijk & MOJA Logistik and the Truck Sales Department of Moja-Trans was transformed into Matsko Truck Service LLC.

Sale of not only used vehicles, but also new trucks became a strategic direction of Matsko Truck Service activities. In addition, in 2012 an authorized dealership centre for DAF trucks warranty repair was opened in Lviv.

The year of 2017 is a milestone of 5-year successful operation and implementation of brand new quality customer service for clients from Ukraine and EU countries. 220 partner companies and guests from Ukraine and abroad attended the celebration of the company’s anniversary. From the date of the company’s foundation, the number of employees has increased from 7 to 40 specialists who annually improve their qualifications in EU countries. Due to the cooperation with the best Western-European manufacturing plants, the uninterrupted supply of new and used trucks and spare parts for multibrand vehicles was established.

In 2017, due to the dynamic development of the company and the growing demand for the used vehicles of different manufacturers on the basis of Matsko Truck Service, a new company Matsko Truck Centre was established dealing with sales and lease of used trucks and semitrailers of any makes. In addition, the company has already purchased and arranged a separate location in Lviv with a fleet of used and new freight transport always available.

The priority for Matsko Truck Centre is not only to increase the range of trucks, but also to improve the service quality and customer care for each customer.

At present, Matsko Truck Centre offers the widest range of trucks and semitrailers in Ukraine, convenient terms of freight transport lease, lease with a purchase option and professional repair of multibrand vehicles. In the frameworks of the company’s development strategy implementation, we plan not only to increase the number of trucks for rent or sale, but also to expand the range of services. To achieve this, new agreements with the partners of the company are being made today, competent international experts are involved into the process of customer care, and new representative offices of the company are planned to be launched both in Ukraine and in the EU countries.

Trust the best and enjoy high quality freight vehicles with the Matsko Truck Centre team.