Lease of freight vehicles

Lease of freight vehicles is a brand new solution for company’s finance optimization, which provides disposition and use of movable assets before their full cost is paid off in order to increase the profits of the company. Lease of freight vehicles enables both efficient management of the company’s current assets, and also acceleration of the processes of its strategic development. As a result a lease agreement is an advanced investment instrument for the quick choice and profitable use of trucks and semitrailers under the terms of the present agreement.

The main advantages of lease of freight vehicles are:

  • Saving money for buying new freight vehicles;
  • Current assets’ minimization due to minor down payment;
  • Convenient partial payment for the movable assets use;
  • Reduction of the base for income tax accrual due to accrual of depreciation for vehicles exploitation;
  • Opportunity to increase the efficiency of business.


The process of leasing a freight vehicle includes choosing a truck or semitrailer, signing a contract with a leasing company, paying a down payment and getting a leased freight vehicle for use.


For a financial lease agreement to be signed in compliance with the current law of Ukraine and to get the best of expected quality, you should choose a truck for leasing only from reliable leasing companies.

To purchase a not expensive freight vehicle on lease in Ukraine

Matsko Truck Centre offers a leasing of multibrand freight vehicles for profitable business operation. We have a fleet of used and new trucks and semitrailers available, we also offer consulting support, a flexible discount system and prompt freight vehicles delivery to any destination in the country.

Finance lease of freight vehicles from Matsko Truck Centre opens the following opportunities:

  • The agreement duration for freight vehicles use is from 1 to 5 years.
  • Suitable terms of down payment which comes 30% from the total price of the truck.
  • Relieving the leaseholder from signing pledge deeds, insurance certificates, instruments of sale and other documents.
  • Matsko Truck Centre bears heavy expenditures for registration and insurance of the vehicle, providing deferral to a leaseholder for the period of the lease agreement duration.
  • Rising of vehicle prices amounts to 15% per year that makes vehicle leasing a priority direction for the company’s finance optimization.
  • 100% transparency of each lease payment.
  • Absence from “hidden” fees.
  • Option of pre-payment of the full lease cost with receipt of the title for the vehicle.

The key mission of Matsko Truck Centre is to provide a wide range of certificated and high quality freight vehicles for successful operation of any business. That is why every vehicle prior to sale and lease undergoes detailed computer diagnostics, which proves the perfect condition of every truck or semitrailer.

To improve the level of the customer care the fleet of certificated used and new freight vehicles increases on an on-going basis, that allows getting your “ideal” leased truck promptly and being delivered.

You can lease and purchase a freight vehicle DAF, SCANIA, VOLVO, MERCEDES – BENZ, RENAULT, MAN, and semi-trailers SCHMITZ, KASSBOHRER, VAN HOLL, SCHWARZMULLER, WIELTON, KRONE, MEGA, KOGEL right now. To do this you need only to contact us by phone: +38(067)7070540, +38(096)839 16 98. Depending on the character of your business, the experts from Matsko Truck Centre will recommend an optimal type of truck which will become an effective instrument to profit increase and fast development of your business.

Matsko Truck Centre is a chief leasing company of multibrand freight vehicles with quality guarantee in Ukraine.