Sale of trucks and semitrailers

A truck is a specialized freight vehicle, which is used in commercial activities of the company for freight traffic purposes. Due to the convenient, fast and safe shipping of various-purpose goods trucks are widely used both in building, agriculture and in pharmaceutical industries, household or petrochemical areas. The peculiarity of each freight vehicle is not only its capacity, but special extra high strength materials used for its making, that allow shipping of the goods with higher hazard level. Depending on shipping functions, the “right” freight vehicle should be chosen.

There are the following types of freight trucks:

By the cargo area

Dump trucks
Agitator trucks
Refrigerated trucks


The main purpose of any freight vehicle is simplification, increasing speed and minimization of the shipping costs. That is why apart from the choice of an ultimate tractor you should pay special attention to semitrailers.

Semitrailer is a type of trailer with a special tractor unit which is widely used for shipping freights on all road types. The semitrailer’s peculiarity is its capacity, perfect fixation and equal distribution of load between the wheels of tractor and the wheels of semitrailer.

The main advantage of using semitrailers in business is the shipping cost minimization. Due to ability of allocating more cargo, the number of trips decreases, it also saves time, fuel and depreciation expenses. As a result, using semitrailers is the ultimate solution for the company’s current productivity increasing.

There are the following types of semitrailers:

  • Dropside semitrailers;

Dropside semitrailers are the optimal choice for additional freight shipping and are used widely for convenient transportation of building materials.

  • Curtain-sided semitrailers;

Curtainsided semitrailers present the simple construction, which consists of frame and body, covered with synthetic canvas. The canvas is taken up on all the sides for convenient unloading.

  • Refrigerated trucks;

Refrigerated trucks are specialized transport, which is used widely for shipping food, drugs, flowers or plants. The refrigerator’s peculiarity is the special chamber with regulated temperature mode. As a result this type of semitrailers is used both for shipping and storage of goods.

  • Road-tankers;

Roadtankers are worth choosing for shipping large batches of liquids.


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To buy trucks and semitrailers in Ukraine

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